Mind Games ( Part 2)

Lost through this vast emptiness-

a shady stair-way to Poetic limbo..
I close through with my special

cuisine providing a stimulant to your mind

and a catalyst to your games….

carving words, not literally or directly.
A taste i acquired naturally and

nurtured over years to shield the

deception of my own hurt and pain.

Right now i embrace the name, Confusion…

for my trails are misguided detours through

the mind and prowl on the weak; meddling

with my ever alternating personality hues

for a chance of an unlikely encounter.
An uncanny ability to skew every word,

look or memory until every bit is tainted.
Closing through with fuzzy words

with clear motives, creating double meanings.

Perhaps i do not know what i want-

or a mirage of emotion diluted with sabotage.
Misinterpreting your words, confusing you…
Leading you on to an unnatural pedestal-

a Mental Orgasm twisting your past, burning your present.

I want you, but i’m not sure if i want you.
Seething for you- sensual stimulation invading your dreams.
Yet somehow you still can’t figure me out.

My motives and actions still quiet
Hodgepodge of thoughts unaltered.

I’m a figment of your imagination
taking beautiful strides in your brain
A convenient confusion at dawn,
whimsical feeling through the cold.

You want me yet you can’t have me
A fascination you can’t fathom.
Accusatory! – bind me.
Don’t feign your fingers to answer me.
I am after all, you- and feeding you with

the mind games you once rationalized and

fed me in the cold, but served better this time.

Walk on- tread careful on this misconception

as i leave you with Vex, stress and mystery and a jar of confusion.

I want you today,
I want you less tomorrow,
I don’t want you next week,
I’m not sure whether i want you.

Mind Games, sit on my lap.

Take a good look at me-

Kiss me once more before i change my mind.

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Author: AfroetryC

I am an African woman and a mother to a precious little angel. I love to use the term "Afro-floetic Queen" mostly to describe my poetry and my roots. I love poetry...art, soul music and inspirational bits of knowledge to offer advice and counseling to those who need it. I can be very witty, straight forward but fun. Ha. ha... A colorful perception of the world - expressed in my poetry. I want to inspire people with my Poetry...give them hope, while also advising them. Life is a learning process and i am happy when one of my pieces directly affects or inspires one of my readers. Let's take a detour around experience, and let me fill your minds with sweet poetic juices.... Note: Just changed my user name from FloetryC to AfroetryC because the latter is more personal and describes my Spoken Word Poetry better.

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