One Night Stand

Alone and confused

No written pattern for the previous night

No special one night creed to relate

The price of guilt now marked

on her face, drawn in sheets tainted in sex.

Ephemeral, quick to leave!

Awake but in denial

to what happened the previous night.

Memories still fresh like the pathetic

fumes of cigar and cheap alcohol

still lingering in the hotel room…

A haunting most sufficient.

Surreal moments lavished in the

arms of a stranger who is used

to dishing out the same tale.

Promises were not made, emotions lingered

Hasty retreats were undertaken and

passions were aflame

culminating to crazy sex scenes.

Time caught up with their frenzied love

space and spent embraces dissolved.

She must have passed out after all that

alcohol intoxication.

He left without a word

Not a message or address to relate to

A face almost as familiar as the

taste of Oreo cookies on a cold evening.

Clutching onto torn sheets,

memories painstaking,

bitter truth now embalmed in her nakedness

Time veered on unceremoniously

The sun followed suite unanimously

A quiet reckoning the walk of shame

The hotel dimmed low,

receding as the one night stand.


receding as the one night stand.


Author: AfroetryC

I am an African woman and a mother to a precious little angel. I love to use the term "Afro-floetic Queen" mostly to describe my poetry and my roots. I love, soul music and inspirational bits of knowledge to offer advice and counseling to those who need it. I can be very witty, straight forward but fun. Ha. ha... A colorful perception of the world - expressed in my poetry. I want to inspire people with my Poetry...give them hope, while also advising them. Life is a learning process and i am happy when one of my pieces directly affects or inspires one of my readers. Let's take a detour around experience, and let me fill your minds with sweet poetic juices.... Note: Just changed my user name from FloetryC to AfroetryC because the latter is more personal and describes my Spoken Word Poetry better.

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