The Soul of a Child ( Appreciating a child’s Love)

Birth is a rite of passage. The best part of

a child’s growth is childhood.

We were all once children. Recognize the beauty

of growing up by learning and teaching the little

beauties. Instruct them well and let them flourish

as strong women and men.

Raise them to be Kings and Queens.

Intelligent, Respectful, Kind, Strong, and more.

Teach them how to pray.

Children are like angels, cherish them.

Children are the future, educate them.

Children are amazing, love them.

Children are adorable, encourage and inspire them.

The foundation one sets for a child, determines

their future. Appreciate, love and care for them.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The soul of a child is angelic and sweet.

Through the dazzling eyes of a child,

a magic resides that’s told in twinkles

in the eyes, squalls of laughter

during the day, giggles of joy, chubby little

fingers and tickles. Sincerity and love in their

eyes for a child chooses the parent before

they are conceived.

Adorned with a beautiful smile, undying love

and unshakeable faith. A radiance and truth to

calm all your fears and restore your joy and peace.

Big little hugs of the tightest embrace, tears of pain

as they hold on to you for they know that you

Love them and are safe.

Little mishaps during the day wouldn’t taint the beauty of a child.

Sometimes a child might lash out and say something mean when

angry but even through the tantrums, a love still as beautiful resides.

Truth spoken through their words, faith never faltering.

For a child’s love is as pure and honest.

A feeling of appreciation, unspoken joy in their beautiful eyes,

Moments cherished at birth from the first smile.

Memories appreciated from their first steps, first spoken words

and hugs so tight. A love bestowed in a smile each moment

a child says, “I love you”.

Watching them sleep peacefully through the night,

knowing that they are safe and alright.

Prayers never ceasing for such beauty rocks the night.

Watching them play, little jokes and pranks,

a mess here and there, lullabies before bedtime.

All the little glories told, a beauty that comes with

being a parent.

Days will pass by…

A new moon will provoke a new age

A few changes may come,

Independence may prove a necessity for a while.

A day will come when you’ll watch them go.

But a child’s love will live on.

Children are amazing, treat them well and love them.

Children are the future.

©FloetryC 2015



Author: AfroetryC

I am an African woman and a mother to a precious little angel. I love to use the term "Afro-floetic Queen" mostly to describe my poetry and my roots. I love, soul music and inspirational bits of knowledge to offer advice and counseling to those who need it. I can be very witty, straight forward but fun. Ha. ha... A colorful perception of the world - expressed in my poetry. I want to inspire people with my Poetry...give them hope, while also advising them. Life is a learning process and i am happy when one of my pieces directly affects or inspires one of my readers. Let's take a detour around experience, and let me fill your minds with sweet poetic juices.... Note: Just changed my user name from FloetryC to AfroetryC because the latter is more personal and describes my Spoken Word Poetry better.

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