Dreams of an African Woman.

I’m constantly lost in a dreamy utopia, caught up

in this crazy funk.

In a world where my fantasies merge with reality.

A mismatch of emotions; things i love and desire,

imaginations and truths that i share and cherish.

Taking my mind on a tour to the old days.

A period where things were simple and easy.

Where love was appreciated and beautiful.

Where music was inspiring and lyrics were


A recap of the old days; re-creating images

of what it was like in my beautiful African mind.




I dream of Spoken word Poetry.

Setting the world stage ablaze with my powerful

spoken word Poetry.

In a world bleeding opportunities and screaming success.

Inspiring an enthusiastic crowd with my smooth

floetic jazz, preaching truth with my silky poetic flow.

Turning up the audience with my poetic beats and

vibrations in an enticing word play where my thoughts




I dream of romance and mind blowing orgasmic music

after dark.

A colorful canvas where i can create memories of love.

Floral patterns and sweet jasmine in essence of true


Candle light and him, smooth soul and a slow dance.

Soft kisses and whispers in the park.

Sunny delights and blissful starry nights.

Waltzing under the moonlight in the arms of a lover.

A whirlwind old skool story of romance by the side-walk.

In a world where I can be myself, love freely and openly

without holding back.



I dream about a wedding and marriage.

Primping myself up for a day’s event and walking

down the aisle to the arms of a lover amidst cheers

and smiles from the congregation.

An open declaration and promise of love in front

of the world.

Kisses and hugs to suffice for a union orchestrated

by God since he is the author of love.

A marriage blessed.


I dream about family.

Waking up besides true love every day.

Watching the sunrise over his face as he sleeps


Bonding moments shared with a child.

Family reunions, get together parties and dinners.

Cherished moments as a wife, and mother.



I dream about traveling the world.

Caressing the world atlas in a deep dream.

Embracing people of different nationalities and cultures.

A world where no one is judged based on the color

of their skin, or sexuality.

Appreciating the beauty of the world in its various

shapes and forms.

Loving the ocean, falling in love with the sea.

The fresh fragrance of nature, smell of soil on

a rainy day, the sun on my skin, and

paying my poetic tribute to a beautiful world.


I dream of a peaceful world.

Without wars, chaos and political strife.

A world where people live in harmony with

one another.

Upholding the essence of unity, peace and love.

Happiness, joy, kindness, mutual respect,

understanding and empathy encouraged and utilized.




I’m deeply engrossed in my dream.

Sleeping peaceful on Aladdin’s flying carpet.

Exploring the depths of my mind in a closed


Fantasies i appreciate, realities i embrace.

In the Kingdom of Utopia where anything is possible.

A dreamy world where fantasies become alive.

Praying to God that someday these dreams may alight.


I dream of poetry.

I dream of success.

I dream of you.

I dream about us, and us.

I dream about the future.


For now, let this African Woman dream.



©FloetryC 2016







Author: AfroetryC

I am an African woman and a mother to a precious little angel. I love to use the term "Afro-floetic Queen" mostly to describe my poetry and my roots. I love poetry...art, soul music and inspirational bits of knowledge to offer advice and counseling to those who need it. I can be very witty, straight forward but fun. Ha. ha... A colorful perception of the world - expressed in my poetry. I want to inspire people with my Poetry...give them hope, while also advising them. Life is a learning process and i am happy when one of my pieces directly affects or inspires one of my readers. Let's take a detour around experience, and let me fill your minds with sweet poetic juices.... Note: Just changed my user name from FloetryC to AfroetryC because the latter is more personal and describes my Spoken Word Poetry better.

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