Welcome to Floetic Gibbers and Rants!



This is a Spoken Word Poetry blog based on my perception

on various topics that affect us everyday while also

delving into real life experiences to inspire, and educate readers

while also learning from them.


I started this blog to reach out to various people by capturing different experiences that people go through everyday, taking into account my own personal experiences too, thoughts and perceptions.

Using the various dynamics that encompass Poetry, prose and Spoken word to directly engage readers and learn from them too, intrigue their minds while also giving them something to think about.


I write about real life experiences, the things that people deal with and how they overcome them by providing hope and advice.


There is a poem or a piece about everyone in this blog.

Dig in, let’s learn from each other in my awesome blog.


“Inspiring People with Spoken Word Poetry”.



The images/ art on this blog are not mine and thus subject to copyright BUT all the Poetry pieces are composed and written by me, Floetryc.


©FloetryC 2016



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