Why can’t Women get Along?

Can’t suck it all at once, can’t put it in a duff, why can’t WOMEN get along?

Funny u must think, that a woman writes this. Still can’t fathom the nature of eve.

Like peacocks, with all that grace and radiance lies the beauty of being woman

tangled in once piece…

Like drapes, in shapes and color they paint the world and yet amidst it all, there is an undeniable wrong stitch that breaks each time they see a shade more gleam n neater than them…

Is it the intimidation, jealousy or self hate that triggers among most women that they can’t stand other women better than them?

”Oh, she isn’t all that”, a bickering…

“She is skinny”, daunting looks…

”Those must be implants, she must have knocked boots to get to that position at work”, baseless gossip and rumor.

At work, church, theater, on the street and everywhere, some women sneer and jeer…

They grit their teeth, fold their faces at the success of another woman…their joy dawns if she looks better than them….

Women both young and old struck with hate most often for no reason.

Why can’t some women hold up for each other…..appreciate and learn from each other- Support each other?    If her hair and nails look good, it won’t hurt to ask what type of hair she used or who did her nails. Is it her success that intimates you, learn from her…work harder and be better than sulk like a salvaged viper in distress.

We, women are beautiful and strong, phenomenal in many ways.

We got it all in us and we can survive…but we try so hard to bring each other down.

Sometimes I admire men, I got more male friends because unlike women, they have no reason to whine and bitch. They always have a need to make sense…with more logic and prowess; they are fixers and hold unnecessary grudges…though even amidst them, there is a magnitude of male pussies and wussies in these times. But I will stick to the women… *smirk face*

Most women hold on to grudges with no relation to the cause, they won’t speak about it but pout their mouth each time u cross their path…its pathetic!

I am a woman yes, don’t scorn…..but most women hate the truth.

They speak in closed dialect with eyes intertwined (take notice of the whispers, side glances, eye rolling) Ha, ha. At the spark of a simple misunderstanding, she will betray you at the blink of an eye…chap chap I call it…no hesitation, no remorse…Maybe she will say sorry the next time you help her out of a situation…..then the cycle…

Is it so hard to get along? Is it the hormones or part of being a woman? A mismatch in the DNA? All questions at once to understand facts that most often pose me to think and walk away from most female friendships…..

I write this from my experience, from my interactions with women, through print media and more…

It’s sad, all put in many words….a truth spoken with ease and yet crazy…women just can’t get along…

Few try though, really…

Even amidst this gibber, there are women who rise above the stereotype, hate and bitchiness and embrace reason and integrity…to learn and support one another. This is the true meaning of being woman…

But hell, I wasn’t there when eve juggled up those fruits in the Garden of Eden… I’ll snuggle close to Adam.

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Lenten Period, My prayer.

Faults my soul cannot fathom,

Moments lived, seldom told

Clutched on my life, with each

Breath I take in sweet yonder;

Marveling in medley at your grace, Lord

This is my prayer, told in loops

That my faith may not falter..

For all agonies told, incense endearing

Glows I revel in glory at the works of your hands

With your mercies told and joy, now my


in all purity I chance, a revoking feeling i envy,

I pray, that this lent my mistakes desert the alleys

That now reeks in stained blood of regret…

Let courage be not my pain but my solace,

in moments of weak and meek…

and in all truth, I pray that i forgive all those

who hurt me…

This is my prayer, this lent..

For love, that now blooms in my heart,

a warmth I have found console,

and peace that brightens my days..

The truth in trusting you, Lord…

for all my dawns, doubts and neglect

with no restraint, yet now with restraint

At your mercies, i marvel in hymns…

chansons of praise, for all you have done for me

and still do for me…

For the gifts of love, faith, forgiveness, trust, and fortitude…

This is my prayer, this lent

that my glories shall not gray…3444

The Hue of Femininity

Out of Adam, I was borne

Flesh of his flesh, i was made whole

As a strong, beautiful woman, phenomenally.

These scars are not my own

but a part of the pain etched

on my face even amidst challenges

as a girl, woman, wife and mother…

These arms have carried many nations

These breasts have fed any nations

A product of lash judgments about

my personality and appearance as

a black, white, Hispanic and Asian female

A reason for unnecessary hype, profiles

and style;

all caught up in name brands like “bitch”,

mistaken for strength, ambition and intelligence

Phased by the manner in which I speak,

outspoken, never meek

Perceived as haughty and belligerent in

cases of self defense

Labeled as a whore, slut for the way

i dress and walk with a flattering confidence

Closed through a filthy perception of femininity

these times have embraced

Encouraged by social media and television

A cause for ridicule in sections of society

A product of stereotype that perceives

Femininityimages 44 as a weakness…

Quick to misunderstand, in a rush to be

dismissed and judged.

Unaware of the strength within

ignorant to the radiance that is

the hue of being female.

The eyes are the windows to the soul,

and a woman’s soul bears sincerity and truth

Emotion which is also the seal of a woman’s

Soul. Her heart is the doorway to love.

As a girl, innocence provoked

with grace and virtue

As a strong woman, intelligent and supportive

As a loving wife, tolerant and respectful

As a mother, loving, nurturing and kind

For a mother’s heart is vast and glorious

Through the ages, females have evolved

to match with these times,

In education and different profession;

Some also taking on roles in a home.

Fleeting change that now builds

females all over the world,

Empowering them,

giving birth to the strong, intelligent,

hardworking women in society.

Girls, women, wives and mothers

as they triumph with grace and elegance

Ignore the stench embroidered with

double standards and stereotypes

Rise up, work hard and do not

become a stereotype

Stash the labeled stuff back to the


The baseless judgment and ignorance

Embrace femininity.

Appreciate being woman.

Comfortable in your skin

Proud that you are woman-

Beautiful, strong, intelligent.

Much more than a gem-

Priceless to a cause-

Queen and Mother of Nations.

Woman, rise above the stereotypes.

Mind Games

Mind Games.

Why do you call and text me back?
Work through these flirts,and blow up my cell with your lines-lines broken from an indecisive mind…
Brother, you can’t give me what i need.
Your quiet prowls through these lines are just misguided detours closed through Eldorado…
With green lights to follow-

Brother, why do you kiss me back?
Give me that mush in the heat of the moment-
tit bits of you- leaving me yearning for more, seething for you- searing like the steaming hot love scene we often embraced.
A flash through those moments of Ecstasy as we released inward frustrations to the sound of Soul…
These feelings were needed, but only because i was convenient…
You can’t handle a strong woman…

For all those moments we cherished- good times we might have had- i was your shoulder to cry on-
i loved you for who you were- and was there whenever you needed me.
In moments of doubt and despair, i became your dim unreal lover and true friend.
Brother, i was there…

Yet somehow i shouldn’t blame for your weakness- in the presence of darkness, you forgot how to love and appreciate- but still you wanted to be called, hugged and kissed….and with each kiss, you went through a trance- totally forgot how much i meant to you and started ignoring me.
Kisses all the while, yet you were empty inside- like a mystic creature with no soul.

So, brother now that you’re here- i will say it plain like the meadow and i will kiss you back with the same emptiness you gave me.
You just can’t give me what i need
and i don’t need to misread your motives
and you don’t need to misread mine either…

The light flickers much brighter this time by the road-side and i see you for what you are now…
With one last text, call- this time i will kiss you back but i will leave my heart behind.